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Brick and mortar have been used for many years to build the appealing and durable chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls, patios, walkways and other structures. Unfortunately, even the best built masonry often requires repairs on occasion. 

Mortar joints that connect bricks together are generally the first part to show clear signs of wear and tear. You may have noticed cracks, crumbling sections, holes, discoloration, vegetation growth, and other deterioration that visibly detracts from the attractiveness, strength, and structural integrity of the brick and mortar. Damage is usually caused by moisture, insects, natural settling, or the course of time. 

No matter the cause, fast action is important. Our team of brick and masonry repair specialists in Gresham, Oregon can help with your tuckpointing needs.

Our crew specializes in masonry tuckpointing, which is the process of removing old, damaged mortar and replacing it with new mortar. Our pros have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide carefully matched mortar and clean, beautiful results. It doesn’t matter if your brickwork is old as dirt or fairly new, our company uses proven techniques and tools to get the job done and deliver dependable, long-lasting results.

Contact us today to get started on your tuckpointing project. We provide free estimates and affordable rates.

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Why hire our professionals for brick and mortar repairs?

We don’t advise trusting your brick repair work to a contractor who lacks skill, proper education, and experience. Instead, depend on our fully licensed and insured experts for quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction.

Our crew has been performing masonry repairs throughout the Portland, OR region for more than 25 years. We take the time to work with you on a personal level to deliver results that meet your style, budget, and needs.

Before performing needed tuckpointing work, we carefully inspect the brickwork to determine the cause of the damage. This step is important to making proper repairs and preventing future damage and problems.

If a leak in your chimney is responsible for masonry issues, we  pinpoint where the water is coming in and make appropriate repairs. We can also apply a water repellent to stop further damage once fresh mortar is installed.

When your chimney, fireplace, or other brickwork isn’t looking well,  give us a call for your residential or commercial business project. We ably repair and restore your masonry that ensures it stays strong and looking great for many years to come.

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